For the longest time (of my childhood) I thought God was crying whenever there was a downpour or drizzle. For those preschoolers on here who don’t yet know what rain is, imma hook you up; rain is simply God pouring down/showering us with his “blessings” in a physical form. No? 😀 that’s another childhood presumption. Rain really is moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in seperate drops. But don’t be quick to discard the “blessings from God” bit. Rain does come with alotta good benefits: good water for drinking, cooking, washing, irrigation, it also helps plants and animals grow, and for those who live in hot areas; sweet relief, even if temporary, from the heat. Also, don’t forget those episodes in Australia and France; where it allegedly rained fish and toads respectively, and other such reports around the world. The explanation given by scientists for this phenomenon is that “it is possible for tornadoes to suck up water and fish from rivers and drop them hundreds of miles away.”
For me, inspite of these blessings and phenomena that accompany rain, I still am not a fan. All I can think of is the lingering moisture, the stench from things/garbage disturbed, the depressive hours of being locked up (without light, of course), thunder; that turns me into a cowering idiot, lightning, raging winds that blow away all in its path, the dull/gloomy weather the next day, it goes on and on.
What’s behind this write up y’all might ask? Nothing really. No moral or lesson to be culled from it. It rained in my neck of the woods last night (looks like it again tonight) and while everyone was rejoicing, I couldn’t be bothered.
The raining season is here ladies and gentlemen. *insert fake smile* yaaaay!!! Enjoy (or dwell in misery) while it lasts.

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