Unforgettable Experience

@s_hotzs I’m still waiting on that snow 😉

I’m sure everyone has had to pause on more than one occasion while writing, texting or typing to verify a spelling, consult with someone close by or even use a dictionary to make sure. One time, my older sister called me to verify a spelling; we were in different states at the time :d . Well, I’ve had countless instances where this happened to me, but there’s one incident in particular I can never forget.
I was in an examination; can’t remember what class, in Secondary School. There I was, writing away when suddenly I had to write a word; I can’t remember the word now or how long it was, but I forgot the letter “k”. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember how it was written. I tried “q” but it didn’t look right, tried “c” but it didn’t look right either. I sat there, at a loss. When I looked up, my eyes locked with the invigilator and I was sure he’d think I was cheating or upto no good. I was frozen, I wanted to ask someone but I was afraid of getting laughed at. I mean, what was I gonna say “please what does the letter “k” look like? Or Can you write out the letter ‘k” for me?” In other exams, if I forgot something I’d just leave space and come back to it later but this was one letter and I was sure it’d come to me. But the more I thought about it, the more I drew a blank and the more I panicked. I just sat there, frozen in place with my pen in my hand, hanging just above my answer sheet. The damn invigilator was up and coming my way. It was then I started to sweat, I asked myself how I could forget a letter. I can’t remember if this was a promotional exam or not but I felt like I’d fail the whole subject & repeat the class if I couldn’t remember the letter “k”. I almost started laughing but fear stopped me, is this how madness starts? Then I started to wonder if madness ran in my family and panicked cos I didn’t know my family’s medical history; don’t even know all my family members for crying out loud, cos its so huge. By this time, the invigilator was almost at my seat & I thought he was looking at me strangely, I was hanging at the edge of my seat and I almost got up and ran away but I couldn’t move, and thank God because he passed by me and only then did I realize I’d been holding my breath.
Then the girl behind me tapped me to help her out with a question and the panic gripped me again, in my mind I was screaming hysterically ” Are you out of your mind? How can I help you when even a simple letter evades me?” It felt like I had sweated 2 liters. But it broke the spell and I answered her without even thinking; the answer to the question was one of the options for another question. That was when it occured to me to also check for my own answer and I although I feared I’d not recognize it, I did. Even finished the exam with time to spare. Although at the time it felt like hours had passed, I’m sure the whole thing happened in less than two minutes. So here I am at 1:00am laughing at myself, AGAIN *rme* and I just had to share it.
Has something small also left you shaken/in terror before? Please share in the comments section

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